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Benefits of Procuring Air Wipe from Streamtek™ Corporation

Air wipe is an innovative and efficacious solution designed for cooling, blowoff, cleaning, and drying cables, wires, hoses, extruded shapes, and pipes. The unique and superior built have made the product ideal for blowoff dust and contaminants, cooling hot extruded shapes, removing excess water from automotive door gaskets, removing excess coating and oil, cleaning paint gun tips, and drying screen printed or ink jetted surfaces.

Why must you avail the product from Streamtek™?

Availing the product from best-in-line manufacturer brings you quality product at affordable prices. Amongst the popular few names, Streamtek™ Corporation is the most remembered and renowned name in the industry that offers highest performing air wipe and other compressed air operated products.

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At Streamtek™, you will find massive inventory of regular and hi-temp wipes that are ready for immediate shipping.

Our range of regular air wipe has been fabricated using regular air hose, aluminum body, stainless steel screws, and stainless steel shims. This category offers excellent performance in non-corrosive environments where temperatures do not exceed 15°F (66°C).

Whereas, Streamtek™ hi-temp wipes are best suitable for high temperatures up to 800°F (427°C). Since they are made using best-in-class stainless steel wire braided coupling hose, stainless steel body, stainless steel screws, and stainless steel shims, they are ideal for aggressive and critical corrosion prone industrial environments.

Streamtek™ has earned the trust of huge customer base across different industrial sectors due to our exceptional product quality, outstanding customer service, and safe and secure online transaction.

We have in place, a team of extremely qualified and courteous customer service professionals who guide you better in making an ideal selection. Also, you can visit our website at http://www.stream-tek.com/ to gain further details on our range of air wipes.