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Streamtek Air Knife

There is no doubt that the business climate has changed a great deal over the past few years. Many political decisions regarding EPA regulations have made significant cost increases. Efficiency has become paramount in this new business age. Imagine cutting cost on one tools operation by 75% while still increasing both production and quality. With that in mind I would like to introduce you to a great product that not only reduces cost but also increases quality.

The Streamtek Air knife is on its way to being one of the most desired Air knifes on the market today. Let me begin with the savings part of our report. Traditional compressor systems designed for commercial use will require about 60 horse power to create 250 CFM. These systems have a horrible rate of return on your energy cost and don’t come close to the rate of the Air Knife. The Streamtek Air Knife system can produce the same 250 CFM with an economical 4 horse power motor. Take the rate at which you produce air multiplied by the energy your system uses and it is easy to add the savings for one month. Once you have seen this eye popping figure then take the rate by the year to see the annual savings the Air Knife brings to your business.

Keeping with the savings topic, we can make an even broader case for the purchase of the Air Knife system. Streamtek’s Air Knife system not only uses less fuel but also has greater dependability than the outdated compressor systems. The Air Knife simply mean less down time, and we all know what downtime does to our annual budget. The fact that the Air Knife requires less maintenance not only relates to less downtime but also to less man hours allowed for repair time. With far less energy consumption, a great deal less downtime, and fewer maintenance hours. The savings add up each day you own the Streamtek Air Knife.

Air Knife customers report an overall 95% reduction in cost related to all the multiple functions that their Air Knife is employed for. With all the products Streamtek has to offer 95% savings are possible all over your plant or shop. Now that’s what modern business calls for. The days of heavy regulations have made the demand for high technological advances, and the Air Knife is the very answer you have been looking for.

Moving right along let us now discuss the quality end of our report. So many of the products that are produced require a very precise tolerance. These can be moister related. Products that need to be dried completely before another process can begin need the Air Knife. The Air Knife has an even and constant pressure that no mechanical roller system can match. You can’t effectively squeeze any product dry. The Air Knife removes water quickly and completely as the product passes by. Maybe your drying needs are more along the lines of glue or paint. In this case the Air Knifes pressure is even and adjustable. Nothing compares to the smooth function of the Streamtek Air Knife.

Here you will find an abbreviated list of the common uses the customers have found for our Air Knife.

  • Surface moister removal with hot, dry, and even air pressure allows wet products to be dried evenly and effectively.
  • The Air Knife is great for drying before packaging your items before they even reach the distribution center.
  • Drying shrink wrap is a breeze with the Air Knife and allows the shrink wrap to contract evenly.
  • The Air Knife will clean your conveyor belts surfaces meaning less malfunctions around the warehouse or shop.
  • Removal of powder and dust is a snap with the Air Knife.
  • The inside of tanks and barrels dried completely with the Air Knife.

You can add further items to the Air knife resume as they relate to your needs and ever changing environment. It’s easy to see a savings of 95% can make a great impact when you consider all of the uses for your Air Knife. The reduction in three main areas of business expense, manpower, energy usage, and downtime make the Air Knife an absolute necessity. The Air Knifes technology once again gives you an edge over the new rising cost due to regulations on energy.

The increase in production that the Air Knife brings to your business allows you to compete for a larger market share. The Air knife’s quality is second to none and fully backed by Streamtek as are all the quality air products we sale. Labor cost including matched taxes, wages, sick time and workman’s compensations are all reduced by the Air Knife. Energy use cuts up to 95% by your new Air Knife will be amazing for your bottom line. With the increase in production from your new Air Knife and related Air Knife products you will finally be able to meet or exceed your deadlines and quotas. Return to profitability with the Streamtek Air Knife.