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Cabinet Panel Cooler

Dealing with electronics is a very precise business and you need these types of tools to stay clean and cool if you wish for them to last and preform. With most things controlled, either in part or whole, these days any dirt or over heating issues can cause big delays or even costly repairs. Up until now most of you have blown these items clean on some sort of a schedule that you hoped your maintenance staff could keep up with. Your expensive electronics need greater protection to last and preform for you.

A Cabinet Panel Cooler is the answer for all of your cleaning and cooling needs. The Cabinet Panel Cooler is combined with the vortex tube to cool your electronics by an astounding 45 degrees F. The air pushed through your electronic system by the Cabinet Panel Cooler also blows dust and dirt off of your electronics. The amount of air you need for cooling can be figured by StreamTek and your new Cabinet Panel Cooler can be easily installed.

The Cabinet Panel Cooler filters the air that is coming from the supply line to ensure the safety of all your electronics. The Cabinet Panel Cooler is truly a technological breakthrough in electronics preservation. You can easily accentuate your Cabinet Panel Cooler by adding many or all of our original accessories. A thermostat will upgrade your system and allow you to regulate temperatures for each item you are cooling with your Cabinet Panel Cooler. Another great feature is a distribution kit that will place cool air in specific locations. This is made possible by adding the kits vinyl tubing to your Cabinet Panel Cooler.

With your Cabinet panel Cooler you can get the filters that you need to protect your electronics, like filter separators or oil removal filters. Pressure regulators and valves to outfit your Cabinet Panel Cooler are also a must for the serious business manager. Once again you will find that our quality standards are extremely high. Your new cabinet panel cooler will be made of stainless steel to increase durability. With no moving parts to break down or make noise your new Cabinet Panel Cooler will be quiet and easily affordable. Your new Cabinet Panel Cooler will be compact and light weight with no need for fans or CFCs. The installation is fast and simple with the ability to mount through with a standard knock out plug. This means that you can easily control temperature and humidity with your new Cabinet Panel Cooler.

Popular uses for the Cabinet Panel Cooler can include many different things like cooling electronic controls or machining operations. We all know how important it is to keep your machine work cool when your dyes are cutting, the Cabinet Panel Cooler is just the tool you need. What about soldered circuit boards and panels during manufacturing? The Cabinet Panel Cooler is not only great at cooling the hot solder joints but you have the security of knowing the air is filtered clean.

When working with hot metals and trying to achieve the exact right temper precision, cooling is a must and the Cabinet Panel Cooler is prefect for these jobs. This same process can be true for glass and many other heated projects. Virtually any fabrication shop can make great use of the Cabinet Panel Cooler. The Cabinet Panel Cooler is great for the telecommunications industry along with metal working and machining centers. With the demands of a clean environment the food and beverage sector can make enormous strides from the Cabinet Panel Cooler.

It’s time to see what the Cabinet Panel Cooler can do for you and your business. You already know the Cabinet panel Cooler is going to save you on purchase and installation cost. Knowing the quality that StreamTek puts into everything they make helps you to understand the quality of the Cabinet Panel Cooler. Now a few more things to consider, knowing that the Cabinet Panel Cooler will make all of your work production better and make all of your equipment last longer, why would you want your company to be without one any longer than it has to? It’s time to step up to Stream-Tek, the leader in air related products like the Cabinet Panel Cooler.

With the regulation on business today you can’t afford to be sloppy and you surly can’t afford waste. The Cabinet Panel Cooler makes a clean and safe product for your production needs. It doesn’t stop there, The Cabinet Panel Cooler also makes a clean and safe environment for you and your employees to work in. The Cabinet Panel Cooler saves you money as it increases your production and it eliminates downtimes due to its care of your electrical and electronic components. The Cabinet Panel Cooler is available from Stream-Tek at a very affordable price and will pay for itself in a very short period of time.