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Vortex Tubes Create Success

Sometimes you just need a better product like Vortex Tubes. Many times the addition of one great product is the very thing that will put you over the top. Vortex tubes, whether heating, cooling, or drying have proven to be one of the greatest assets your business can have. Vortex tubes are unique in their ability to perform multiple functions at the same time-saving you labor, time, and money. Too often we as a company overlook mechanical advances like Vortex Tubes. This can be a major oversight given the savings that we can attain and the increase in production with the additional help of Vortex Tubes.

Profits aren’t gained by sitting on our hands. Minor investments like Vortex Tubes won’t make themselves. It is up to the modern business to understand the business climate and the needs of the business he has been charged with growing. Without the proper equipment you are unarmed in the world of production. Vortex Tubes can change that situation and bring you to the forefront of the production industry. What will your company be known for? Slow ineffective production that just gets by, or rising to the top of the heap? Vortex Tubes make you king of the mountain.

The savings you get with Vortex tubes can really pile up throughout the year and you already know what that does to the bottom line. The increase in productions means less labor needed to achieve the same goals. We all know that labor is one of the biggest headaches in the world of business. Employees can’t understand the need for steady reliable performance but Vortex Tubes are designed for just that purpose. How many items can you name that are truly designed and set up with real business production in mind? Vortex Tubes stand alone in this aspect.

Vortex Tubes make spot cooling and process cooling extremely efficient. The Vortex Tubes are filled with compressed air flowing at 1,000,000 RPMs. The Vortex Tubes send the cool air produced and the hot air produced to two different tubes. Vortex Tubes can cool your product by 115 degrees or you can use the Vortex Tubes to increase temperature by as much as 200 degrees. You can get Vortex Tubes in two different sizes to fit your needs. Medium Vortex Tubes and small Vortex Tubes give you the choice that best fits your company.

If you have dealt with us before then you know full well that quality is our number one concern. You have come to expect quality from us and will settle for nothing less. There is no need to worry. We have put all the same quality into Vortex Tubes that we put into all of our great products. You can expect to get Vortex Tubes made from stainless steel that won’t corrode or oxidize. This means no downtime and even less maintenance. Once again you are saving money with Vortex Tubes.

Our Vortex tubes are able to improve the function of any equipment that they’re added too and Stream-Tek is ready to help you in anyway. From your purchase of your Vortex Tubes to the installation, Stream-Tek is there. Vortex Tubes are part of a flexible system that can be set up for any size business or any type of equipment. Each day is an opportunity to improve your standing in the business world, and nothing improves standing like a profit.

The whole reason for doing business is to make something great. Vortex Tubes make great things even better. If you want to be the best then you need to perform like the best. Vortex tubes can increase your performance and allow you to outpace your competition. Let’s take a moment and talk about possible uses.

  • You can own Vortex Tubes for less cost than an employee.
  • Virtually no maintenance is required.
  • Vortex Tubes give a great return for your money.
  • Reduces energy needs thus saving you on your utility cost.
  • Increases production and the quality of your products.
  • Vortex Tubes help make your equipment more reliable.

At Stream-Tek we want your business and we have been working for it tirelessly since the first day we went in business. You’re what makes us successful and we, with our Vortex Tubes, make you successful. As you strive to achieve success, Vortex Tubes strive with you. Stream-Tek is your full partner in all of the air products we provide. Serving you is our mission.

So what should we say then? You already know how Vortex Tubes can save you labor. The word is out on how Vortex Tubes can save you energy. Increasing production is an automatic reaction once you install Vortex tubes. You already know Stream-Tek and know the quality products we produce. Partner with us and allow us to help your business climb to the top of the production world.