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Cost-effective, Reliable and Durable Cooling Tubes from Streamtek™ Corporation

September 4th, 2013

Welcome to Streamtek™ Corporation, your trusted and most reliable source for innovative compressed air-operated products. We have have strong industry reputation and competitive advantage in the market thanks to the success of our high- end cooling tubes. This product has been used extensively for converting compressed air supply into a cold airflow in applications such as: cool electronic controls, cabinet enclosure chambers, gas samples, machining operations, etc.We have numerous satisfied customers worldwide who place bulk orders with us Streamtek™ due to our outstanding product quality, exceptional customer service, and safe/secure business transactions.


Streamtek™ Air Amplifier – Brief Product Information

August 29th, 2013

The air amplifier is a simple and cost–effective solution designed for moving air, smoke, fumes, etc. This product has been used extensively in various applications which include:boosting insufficient shop air or supply air, high pressure air cleaning of weld areas, driving pneumatic cylinders, improving efficiency of pneumatic tools and machinery, boosting air for part removal, valve gates, automation equipment for injection molding,etc. We at Streamtek™ – a leading manufacturer of compressed air-operated products – serve you better by providing best-in-class air amplifiers that will make all of your large air handling jobs easier and simpler.


STREAMTEK™ Drum Pump Suck Up Liquid Spills Using Just Compressed Air

May 28th, 2012

Handling a ‘spill situation’ at your workshop, site or facility can be a rather time consuming process. This is especially true if you have an electrically powered vac that’s prone to freezing up or clogging. But STREAMTEK™’s drum pump the Drum Storm is a maintenance free system because it has no moving parts. It can be used to suck up liquid spills, waste water, tramp oil, coolant, sludge, chips, hydraulic oil, and other liquids all powered by just compressed air. Essentially, this device also frees you of worries relating to high power bills.


STREAMTEK™ Cabinet Panel Cooler for Effective Thermal Management

April 20th, 2012

Thermal management in control panels, electronic controls and other such places needs to be effective, affordable and low on maintenance. The STREAMTEK™ cabinet panel cooler offers these very advantages and more. This unit demonstrates great results in cooling electronic and electrical enclosures with filtered air that’s up to 45 degrees F cooler.


Amazingly Cost and Power Efficient Air Curtain Range from Stream Tek

March 7th, 2012

If we were to pick one thing that sets us apart from our competition, it would be an accurate understanding of what our end-customers need. For instance, our air curtain line has been developed for uses ranging from eliminating loss of air conditioned air to keeping dust and contaminants away to drying and cooling applications. With a versatile product such as this, Stream Tek has been able to span out to a larger number of industry players with proven assistance.


Bid Goodbye to Static with Streamtek™’s Static Eliminator

February 10th, 2012

At STREAMTEK™, we are concerned about your safety. Our static eliminator range safeguards you from hazardous shocks and sparks that are generated due to static charges. These static eliminators provide superlative performance in different applications.


STREAMTEK™’s Compact and Portable Drum Pump

January 12th, 2012

Working with liquid spills is a tricky task that is not just time consuming, but also energy consuming. But this isn’t the case if you choose STREAMTEK™’s drum pump. Our drum pump the Drum Storm is a maintenance free system that can effectively suck up liquid spills, waste water, tramp oil, coolant, sludge, chips, hydraulic oil and other liquids. All this is powered by nothing but compressed air.


Accelerating Your Drying, Cleaning and Cooling Applications with our Air Curtain Range

November 7th, 2011

For over 15 years, Streamtek™ has enjoyed a reputation that most competitors would envy. And there are no trade secrets at work here we have achieved this through our sheer dedication to manufacturing high quality compressed air-operated products.


Using Air Knives to spread plaster solution onto plasterboards

December 7th, 2010

A company that manufactures plasterboard had an issue on their production line during the manufacturing of plasterboard. They were not able to achieve both the correct dimension and appearance of their final plasterboard.


Dry Beer kegs prior to labeling

July 12th, 2010

A recent customer (George) owns a small beer company and recently contacted us for a solution to a common problem he was facing.