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  • NEMA 4/4x (IP56) Cabinet Panel Cooler Only, 2060 Btu/hr.
NEMA 4/4x (IP56) Cabinet Panel Cooler Only, 2060 Btu/hr.
The NEMA 4/4X (IP56) Cabinet Panel Cooler Only, 2060 Btu/hr. (dust-tight, oil tight, splash resistant, indoor/outdoor service) are ideal for use in wash down environments as well as outdoor use. They have a Type 303/304 stainless steel construction for food service, pharmaceutical, and corrosive environments.

The STREAMTEK Cabinet Panel Coolers are compact and can be installed in minutes through a standard knockout. There are no moving parts, no freon, and no electricity used! Systems with thermostat control to minimize compressed air usage are available. Systems including an automatic drain filter to ensure no water passes through the Cabinet Panel Cooler are also available.

NEMA: 4/4X

BTU/Hr: 2060

Vortex Capacity: 30 SCFM (850 SLPM)

Material: Stainless Steel Vortex Tube - Stainless Steel Outer Components

Thread Diameter - Inches: 1/4 in.

Threading Type: NPT

Sound Level: Under 70dBA
Model CC430-1
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Price: $270.00
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